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Permanent Hair Removal in Birmingham/Beverly Hills

Get rid of unwanted hair at Electrolysis Clinic of Birmingham. Regina Jaye, RE. Located in Beverly Hills, Michigan, we provide Electrolysis and Laser hair removal. Each procedure has its own advantages and is completely safe.

Hair Removal

Electrolysis Hair Removal

For over 130 years, Electrolysis has been medically and scientifically proven to be effective. Electrolysis is performed by conducting an electrical current with a fine probe that is placed into a hair follicle. The current will then destroy the follicle that the hair is growing from, ensuring another hair can never grow out of that follicle again. Electrolysis works on any hair color, skin color and on ingrown hairs.

Laser Hair Removal

Regina is a certified laser clinician. Since 1995, we have a wonderful permanent hair removal tool. Laser has also proven to be an additional effective and permanent method of hair removal. The laser is perfect for dense  areas of hair growth. Unlike Electrolysis, the laser only works on dark hairs. The laser will not work on light, blond, or white hairs as these hairs do not have the ability to absorb the light from the laser. However, our clinic has a laser that will work on all skin colors—most lasers do not have this ability.

Which Treatment Is Best for You

Every patient is unique and every situation is different. We will give you a complimentary consultation on the best method of hair removal for you and that area of the body. We will tell you how that particular method for you works and what to expect.